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Introducing…The Essentials!


Six months after we launched PureLyfe with our superstar sunscreen, MOTHER SPF, we have five more new, exciting products for you!

We know, we went a little quiet on you for a while. Sorry about that! It’s because we have been working hard behind the scenes to perfect these new products.

We have spent more than six months formulating, testing, re-formulating, testing again (and on and on). Not to mention the hours spent refining the labelling, packaging and everything in-between too, so that you can have high-quality skincare at a great price.

But we will get into all of that another time, because today is all about…

The Essentials

Combining the power of nature with the strength of science, we have formulated five beautiful products that will become the foundation of your daily skincare routine. We have included only the ingredients that your skin actually needs for support, nourishment, and vitality, and we’ve left everything else out. Because it just makes sense.

Let’s get into it…

Daily Face Moisturiser

This natural face moisturiser draws on the wholesome properties of Raspberry Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, which leave your skin feeling completely hydrated, nourished and ready for the day while fighting oxidative stress and reducing inflammation. It is suitable for any skin type and will help your precious skin to retain moisture.

It is non-greasy, beautifully soaks into your skin without hesitation, and can be used as part of both your morning and evening skincare routines.

Nourishing Face Oil

Our Nourishing Face Oil comes in three different versions, depending on your specific needs: Cacay, Baobab, and Rosehip.

All three of these are moisturising, rich in antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory.

Cacay helps to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin elasticity and softness, as well as fading scars.

Baobab is anti-bacterial, helps to fight the signs of premature ageing, and aids in collagen production.

Rosehip, an old favourite for many, is high in Vitamin A (helping with the production of new skin cells and smoothing fine lines) and Vitamin C (which helps to protect your skin from premature agers such as sun damage and air pollution).

Lip Balm

When it comes to essentials, there is nothing more essential than lip balm. Many of us would not dream of leaving the house without having lip balm on us, in our bag, or in the car.

The PureLyfe Lip Balm utilises Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax to hydrate and protect your lips. Infused with Peppermint and Vitamin E, it smells fantastic and your lips will be moisturised all day.

Hydrating Body Lotion

We spend a lot of time worrying about the skin on our face, but what about the rest of your body?

It can be hard to find a natural body lotion that is non-greasy and soaks into your skin, but here at PureLyfe we now have the answer!

Give your entire body some daily TLC with our Hydrating Body Lotion.

It complements our Daily Face Moisturiser through the use of Sweet Almond Oil, which moisturises at the same time as being an antioxidant, protecting your skin from damage.

Natural Deodorant

The product that started it all.

Our Natural Deodorant is simply phenomenal.

We leverage the natural antibacterial and pH neutralising properties of Sodium Bicarbonate to prevent body odour from developing, leaving you fresh all day long!

We have tested it under all sorts of conditions to be sure it will do just that. Whether out in the sun all day, working from an office, intensely exercising, travelling long haul, or partying at night, you won’t get a whiff of BO with this deodorant.

Additionally, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter helps to nourish your sensitive underarm skin.

This deodorant comes in three options: Bergamot, Cedarwood, and Unscented.

So there you have it. Five products.




Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Stay tuned for more details coming this week.

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