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Creating Affordable Natural Skincare

Why Natural Skincare? (Part 2)

In a world where there are skincare and cosmetics brands advertising and popping up left, right, and centre, what made us delve into the complicated and saturated world of skincare? And what made us choose to make it even harder for ourselves by joining the natural skincare niche?

Well, there’s a few reasons for that.

In this three part series, we’re going to take you back in time and give you a bit of background behind why we decided to get into this industry. We’re going to explain our reasons for creating natural cosmetics, and why we believe we’re going against the grain by having affordable natural skincare.

Where is the skincare that won't break the bank?

In our previous blog, we explained how our search for an effective deodorant led us to enter the natural skincare market. During that period of time, one of the hurdles we came up against, especially when looking for natural products, was that so many brands were asking a high price for their product.

Did skincare really need to be so expensive? And why did natural skincare tend to sit higher up on that spectrum too?

If you’re a wine drinker (like me) you’ll be familiar with the concept that a more expensive bottle doesn’t necessarily mean it tastes any better than a lower-priced drop.

The same goes for skincare.

When we pay high prices for cosmetics, we don’t tend to get any more value for our money. Adding an extra zero or two to the price tag doesn’t necessarily make a product any more likely to hydrate skin or soften fine lines.

So, what are we paying for then?

Often, you are paying for the privilege of having that brand stored proudly on your bathroom vanity. You might also be paying for that fancy bottle, the labelling, or the extravagant packaging the order is shipped in (you know, the box that you just throw away or recycle).

This appeared to be a more stark reality for natural skincare too. If mother nature was providing the raw materials, why is it so expensive?

Well, that could be partly due to the fact that synthetic ingredients and fillers in conventional products are much cheaper to produce and purchase. But, it might also have something to do with natural skincare beginning to increase in popularity.

Whatever the reasons for these high prices, it wasn’t a bandwagon we wanted to jump on.

We didn’t think it was fair for our customers to need to scour social media for a discount code from an influencer to be able to *sort of* justify purchasing one of our products.

Fortunately, when we did the maths, we realised that it was entirely possible to sell a skincare range that was affordable as well as high-quality and beneficial to you and your skin.

Our formulations are simple, only including what is needed to nourish your skin. Our labelling and packaging is minimal so that you don’t have to absorb a cost for something that won’t make an ounce of difference to the effectiveness of your purchase. We’ve done this all in a way that also limits our impact on the environment.

Our skincare might be inspired by the earth, but it doesn’t have to cost it.

You can have your skincare, and your favourite bottle of wine.

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