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The Story of PureLyfe

A home for natural skincare products in New Zealand

PureLyfe started with a desire to live using less, not more

Founders Jordyn & Gareth have always had a desire to both reduce the size of their carbon footprint and support their health using only what is needed.

The need to reduce our individual carbon footprints is something that has long been discussed and encouraged the world over. That is something that has always been a no-brainer for us, and we have always done our best to ensure that our household products (such as cleaning products, bags, packaging…the list goes on) are kinder to the environment and supporting a sustainable way of living.

However, becoming educated on ways to support our physical health is something that is much more recent.

After discovering just how much your skin absorbs through skincare products, it made us think about what exactly we were putting on our skin in terms of moisturisers, make up (at least in Jordyn’s case), sun care and more. Did our skin really need all of these ingredients?

And so began a lifestyle change, where we sought out clean skincare with minimal ingredients that would do the same job, or perhaps an even better one, than conventional options.

But this wasn’t an easy change. While there are no shortage of skincare products out there that are natural with minimal ingredients, not all of them do what they say on the tin. 

Which lead to the creation of PureLyfe.


We wanted a one-stop shop, where you can purchase natural skincare products that are clean, safe, effective and affordable, all in one place, and have them delivered directly to your door. This makes it easier for you, while also being easy on the environment.


We hope you love these products as much as we do.


The Essentials

Combining the power of nature with the strength of science, we set about formulating 'The Essentials', five beautiful products that will become the foundation of your daily skincare routine. We included only the ingredients that your skin actually needs for support, nourishment, and vitality, and we left everything else out. Because it just makes sense.


Partner Brands

The PureLyfe journey began with the superstar sunscreen, MOTHER SPF, a brand we love and trust to this day. Why? Well it has just nine ingredients, all natural, tested to meet the highest global SPF and manufacturing standards, providing protection and hydration, MOTHER is everything you need and more.


MOTHER's approach to natural skincare speaks to everything we admire and support, and something we strive for in our own products and the other brands we support through PureLyfe. So you can rest easy in the knowledge that any brand you find on our website is natural, clean and effective!

Think you have a product we might like to support? Let us know here.

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